Limestone Caves

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Evolution Says....

Limestone caves and their formations take millions of years to form. This is proof of the very old age of the earth.

The Facts Are .....

Fact #1

Stalagmites do not necessarily take many thousands of years to form. They have been forming under the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance since 1934, due to water seepage. They are now up to 45 cm long. [1]

Fact #2

Structures in limestone caves have been observed to form rapidly. For example:- (1) A 3mm thick coating developed on cuttings in Jenolan Caves (NSW) in the 55 years; (2) Water seepage formed stalactites under the Lincoln Memorial (Washington DC) growing 1.5m in the 45 years since its construction; (3) Formations from hot water springs in Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming) grew about 2.5cm per year; and (4) Stalactites in the Sequoyah Caverns (Chattanooga, Alabama) have grown at a rate of 2.5cm per year. [2]

Fact #3

In a disused mine shaft in Mt. Isa (Queensland), some very long stalagmites and stalactites have grown over the past 10 years. These are mineral sulfate columns, rather than the normal carbonate ones, and they are growing at a rate of 30 cm per year. This growth rate indicates clearly that these cave structures can grow rapidly, not requiring thousands or millions of years to form. [3]

Fact #4

Stalactites have been discovered in 40 year old coal mines in Newcastle (NSW). They have been estimated to be growing at the rate of 1 cm per year. This shows that limestone formations do not have to take hundreds of thousands of years to form. [4]

Fact #5

It has been calculated by geologist Dr Steve Austin, from a study of water flow rates in the Mammoth Cave region of central Kentucky, that a limestone cave 59m long and 1m square could form in one year. If this rate is remotely similar to the rates at which caves form elsewhere, then huge caverns could form in a very short time. The evolutionary tens of thousands of years are demolished by these findings. Steven Austin "Origin of Limestone Caves", [5]

Fact #6

A limestone cave called "It Wasn't There Last Year Cave" in the Murray Valley (Australia) did not take millions of years to form. The cave was actually formed, according to locals, during one rain season. [6]


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