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Evolution Says....

There was an enormously large variety of dinosaurs during the all-dinosaur era named the Dinosaur Age. The first dinosaurs were the small Coelurosaurs. The fossil evidence proves their evolution.

The Facts Are .....

Fact #1

Calculations by Palaeontologist Peter Dodson of the University of Pennsylvania indicates that dinosaurs were not as diverse as evolution says. He estimates that there were only 285 genera and 336

species. New Scientist, December 1, 1990 p:14

Fact #2

Some other of Dodson's findings after the examination of the data on the 2100 dinosaur fossils existing world-wide in museums are that; (i) Most of the genera described are represented by a single species; and (ii) Almost 500 species of the total 800 once described cannot now be accepted. New Scientist, December 1, 1990 p:14

Fact #3

The 'Age of Dinosaurs' is said to have covered the geological time known as the Mesozoic era, ie.

for the period of 200 to 60 million years ago. It is claimed that no mammals had evolved at that time, yet a small percentages of dinosaur specimens uncovered have been found with mammalian outer coverings. Some findings have been:- [1] pterosaur's skin was covered with a type of fur (a feature of mammals); and [2] hadrasaur's skin was leathery (not a feature of reptiles). The reconstruction of dinosaurs all with scaly skin, is not supported by fact, and so, the 'Age of Dinosaurs' is really a misnomer. David Norman, "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs", Hodder & Stoughton: Sydney, 1985 p:170; Adrian J. Desmond, "The Hot-blooded Dinosaurs", Blond & Briggs: London, 1975 p:149

Fact #4

The coelurosaurs could not have been the first dinosaurs to appear in the late Triassic period as their shape is the furthest away from that of the reptiles and amphibians. This assessment is made on the basis that their legs are positioned under their body, a site which provides full support. Reptiles and amphibians on the other hand, sprawl on the ground with their legs on their sides. The site of coelurosaur's hind legs are more in line with that of modern animals. M. Tweedie, "The World of Dinosaurs", Weidenfeld

& Nicolson: London, 1977 p:49, 84, 109

Fact #5

Dinosaur bones have been discovered along with the bones of hoofed animals, near Bug Creek fossil site. This discovery totally overthrows the evolutionary theory that dinosaurs developed into hoofed animals over many millions of years. New Scientist, November 8, 1984

Fact #6

A set of fossil footprints of a three-toed dinosaur were discovered in a layer of Silurian rock on a cliff in Berks County (Pennsylvania) in October 1962. The Silurian period was supposed to have existed 450 million years ago, but dinosaurs were not supposed to have evolved until the Triassic period, 230 million years ago. This places the evolution of dinosaurs and the dating method some 200

million years out of kilter. Pursuit, January 1971; INFO (International Fortean Organisation) Journal, Spring 1968; Reading Times, September 14 & 15, 1966

Fact #7

A 24 cm fossil lizard was discovered in southern Scotland in the late 1980's. It was found in rocks classified as 'lower Carboniferous', and has had it's age assessed as 340 million year old. This reptile is about 40 million years older than any other found, and was found in rocks below those allocated by evolutionists to the reptile ancestors. This indicates that evolutionary theory is based solely on the limits of current knowledge and is not a fact, or a law. The Arizona Republic, Vol. 99, No. 186, November 20, 1988 p:AA-4