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Exploring The Truth

Unmasking Evolution

15 Answers to Creationists

15 Questions for Evolutionists

Evolution vs the Bible comparison


This site covers topics exploring The Truth from a Christian perspective.

If you are searching for the Truth, this is place to start.

Firstly, we will address can Faith (that is what Christianity is) and Reason co-exist

If you are a Christian, we trust that you will find it encouraging and an effective tool to minister to others.

Program Outline

This Program is divided into the following Sections:

Part 1:Introduction to the Truth

Why must we seek the Truth? Is there a purpose to my life?

Is there an absolute Truth?, what is it? how can we reach it?

What is the role of logic and Science?

Part 2:Evidence for God and His Word

We must explore and examine the various claims about God and His Word.

Are there any evidences for God? Can we prove Him?

Is the Bible the True word of God? who do we know what are the evidence

Part 3:The message of the Bible

Having established that the Bible is the True word of God, then what is the message of the Bible, what does it mean to me

God declares Himself

God declares His laws

What is Man

God is the Saviour (Good News)

Part 4:Objection 1: Formal Religions

What about all of these religions?

Let us define religion.

Test of Truth?

Part 5:Objection 2: Hidden Religion: Evolution

Evolution is another Religion

Science and Evolution

Why is this program needed

We are facing a great conspiracy today to confuse the masses into disbelief in God using defective logic and bad science.

In this program, we will explore together with you the logic, evidences and science that allow us to belief in God and his message as declared in the Bible.

How are we developing this program

1. Develop the material through this wiki, online 2. Present the material to live audience in a class room style, with open debate and discussion 3. Improve the material as it goes through the debates 4. Thorough Review Process

How can I help

This program is still under development and we need all the help we can get, we are seeking individuals who are guided by the Holy Spirit to participate in any of the following areas:

1. Research and Develop new material 2. Review Existing Material 3. Translate Material from English to Arabic 4. Participate in our live sessions

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Why another Bible website?

  • This site is unique in its content, provide a Biblical knowledge base on variety of subjects in a manner that is easy to find
  • This site is unique in its format, utilizing Wiki technology
  • This site is unique that it encourage your contributions
  • This site is unique that it encourage others to share information

About this site


  • To provide a Bible wiki for Arabic Speaking audience from a Christian Perspective
  • As an open interface, to allow other sites to utilize the contents
  • To allow multiple Organization and content providers to add contents, however, there contents will be monitored and verified for correctness
  • Only Bible based content is allowed, opposing opinions will be marked and answered
  • Only authorized individuals are allowed to edit the contents, however, comments are welcomed from all

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