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Evolution Says....

The youngest rocks are near the surface of the earth, and contain the younger, more complex fossils. The oldest rocks are at the bottom, and contain the older, simpler, primitive fossils. This geologic column shows a gradual aging of the rocks towards the bottom. The column can be found perfectly intact everywhere around the world. The column provides a continuous gradient of fossils which prove that all plants and animals evolved.

The Facts Are .....

Fact #1

"[There are 10 fallacies about the geologic column:-]

1. The geologic column was constructed by geologists who, because of the weight of evidence that they had found, were convinced of the truth of uniformatarian theory and organic evolution.

2. Geologists composed the geologic column by assembling the 'periods' and 'eras' which they had recognised.

3. The strata systems [ie rock layers] of the geologic column are world-wide in their occurrence with each strata system being present below any point on the earth's surface.

4. Strata systems always occur in the order required by the geologic column.

5. Because each strata system has distinctive lithologic [rock/mineral] composition, a newly discovered stratum can be assigned easily to its correct position in the geologic column.

6. Fossils, especially the species distinctive of specific systems, provide the most reliable method of assigning strata to their level in the geologic column.

7. Sedimentary evidence proves that periods of millions of years' duration were required to deposit individual strata systems.

8. Radiometric dating can supply 'absolute ages' in millions of years with certainty to systems of the geologic column.

9. The environmental 'pictures' assigned to certain portions of the geologic column allow us to accurately visualize what its 'geologic ages' were like.

10. The geologic column and the positions of fossils within the geologic column provide proof of amoeba-to-man evolution." Written by geologist Steven A. Austin in his article "Ten Misconceptions About the Geologic Column", in [1]

Fact #2

The geologic time scale is not a fact which has been derived from the examination of harmonious world-wide geological data. It is interesting to note that:- 66% of the earth's land surface has only 5 or fewer of the 10 geologic periods in place; 80%-85% of the earth's land surface does not even have 3

geologic periods appearing in 'correct' consecutive order; a significant percentage of every geologic period's rocks do not overlie rocks of the next older geologic period; and, some percentage of every geologic period rests directly on top of Precambrian rock. [2]

Fact #3

An examination of the best-known and most numerous examples of the Cambrian fossils (assessed at 500 million years old) in Canada's Yoho National Park reveals that older fossils are not simpler, or more primitive. Scientists have commented that these fossils are more diverse and just as highly-specialized as today's creatures. Some of the fossil molluscs have eyes which are as complex as the human eye, and the trilobite fossil's eyes have been described as "a marvel of optical engineering".

Highline, 1990 ([3]) 

Fact #4

There are numerous places where fossils in rocks do not fit evolutionary theory. For example:- (1) Spores and bits of wood in Cambrian rocks that formed before plants are supposed to have evolved; (2) Logs protruding through millions of years of strata; and (3) Fossil ammonites protruding through millions of years of strata. I.E. Weier, "Botany", 1974; D. Ager, "[4]

Fact #5

In many places, the oceanic sediment of which mountains were composed, has nd to be inverted - ie. older sediment lying on top of younger sediment. This sort of anomaly is common in many sites around the world and is usually recorded in literature in inconspicuous places. William R. Corliss,

"Remarkable Unconformities, Unknown Earth: A handbook of Geologic Enigmas", The Sourcebook Project: Glen Arm, Maryland, 1980; & "[5][6]

Fact #6

"The great differences in the estimates of maximum thickness of many of the systems [geologic periods] manifestly indicate that thicknesses are unreliable measures of geologic time. As long ago as 1936 the conclusion had already been reached by Twenhofel that estimates of time based on thickness of strata 'are hardly worth the paper they are written on' ..... rocks generally give no internal evidence of the rate at which they were formed." [7]

Fact #7

"I wonder how many of us realize that the [geologic] time scale was frozen in essentially its present form by 1840 .....? How much world geology was known by 1840? A bit of western Europe, none too well, and a lesser fringe of North American. All of Asia, Africa, South America, and most of North America were virtually unknown. How dared the pioneers [of this theory] assume that their scale would fit the rocks in these vast areas, by far most of the world? Only in dogmatic assumption - a mere extension of the kind of reasoning developed by Werner from the facts in his little district of Saxony.

And in many parts of the world, notably India and South America, it does not fit. But even there it is applied! The followers of the founding fathers [of evolution] went forth across the earth and in Procrustean fashion made it fit the sections they found, even in places where the actual evidence literally proclaimed denial. So flexible and accommodating are the 'facts' of geology." Written by the eminent evolutionist Edmund Spieker in an attempt to set the record straight that there isn't strong global evidence for the evolutionary time-scale. In his article[8]

Fact #8

"And this poses something of a problem: If we date the rocks by their fossils, how can we then turn around and talk about patterns of evolutionary change through time in the fossil record?" Written by evolutionist and palaeontologist Niles Eldredge (American Museum of Natural History, New York) in his book "[9] [10]

Fact #9

"The procession of life was never witnessed, it is inferred. The vertical sequences of fossils is thought to represent a process because the enclosing rocks are interpreted as a process." [11]

Fact #10

"If you ask, "What is the evidence for continuity?" you would have to say, "There isn't any in the fossils of animals and man. The connection between them is in the mind"." A statement by the palaeoanthropologist Dr Colin Patterson and recorded by Luther Sunderland in his book [12]


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