Fossil Reconstruction

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Evolution Says....

Palaeontologists accurately rebuild prehistoric animals from fossils. This shows us exactly what they looked like.

The Facts Are .....

Fact #1

The reconstruction of fossils by palaeontological experts gives an impression of absolute exactness of the end product. It is interesting to note then, that there is not a lot of agreement between these experts. The reconstructions they produce are often erroneous, and have to be changed. Only specimens found intact, such as in a bog or in ice, are capable of being accurate. [based on logic]

Fact #2

Taxidermist and dinosaur sculptor, Buddy Davis (USA), has confessed that while palaeontologists may have some idea about what the muscles and flesh were like, no one knows what the skin looked like (except from mummified fossils). He also confirmed that the skin texture placed on models could be way off, and that colours chosen were just guess-work. Creation Ex Nihilo, Vol. 13, No. 1, 1991 p:10-14

Fact #3

There is a difference in opinion over whether the tiny forelimbs of Tyrannosaurus rex were weak and useless. Some palaeontologists say they were powerful because they possibly had huge muscles attached to them. The Peninsula Times Tribune, July 2, 1990 p:A-4

Fact #4

Triceratops was originally depicted as ambling with its legs sprawled lizard-like. Later, palaeontologist Robert T. Bakker said that its legs came directly from under the body, allowing it to gallop like a rhino. Now, Rolf E. Johnson and John H. Ostrom say that it had sprawling lizard-like forelegs and could not gallop. Science News, October 20, 1990 p:255

Fact #5

According to several dinosaur specialists, Ultrasaurus, Supersaurus and Seismosaurus never existed. A close examination of bones in many museums has led to the conclusion that Ultrasaurus & Supersaurus are just large versions of the Brachiosaurus. Seismosaurus, who's description is based on the discovery of only a few bones, belonged to the group of diplodocid dinosaurs. Science News, August 16, 1986 p:103; The Washington Post, May 11, 1988

Fact #6

Dinosaur authority Gregory Paul has discovered while examining Brachiosaurus fossils in various museums, that they have not been reconstructed accurately. He believes that the animal had taller forelimbs and a shorter trunk than was commonly reconstructed. The Washington Post, May 11, 1988

Fact #7

Stegosaurus is now believed to have had only one row of plates sticking out of its back. A re-examination of all Stegosaurus fossils by palaeontologist Stephen Czerkas has led to this conclusion. Scientific American, October, 1986 p:70

Fact #8

The 19th century dinosaur experts, Gideon Mantell, mistook the spiky thumb bone of the iguanodon for a horn & placed it on top of the snout. A reconstruction from this drawing, last century, still stands in South London's Sydenham Park. Sun Herald, 8/11/92

Fact #9

Brontosaurus never existed. The head was found by the discoverer, Marsh, 6-8 km away from the body of the skeleton. Some dinosaur books and museums still exhibit the 'Brontosaurus' today. Wichita Eagle Beacon, April 3, 1983