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Evolution Says....

Genetics has proved that evolution has occurred.

The Facts Are .....

Fact #1

Research by the CSIRO has shown that the difference in ear length between rabbits in hot and cold climates are not genetic, and therefore not an example of evolution. Rabbits from both hot and cold climates were bred in captivity at 25¦C and 15¦C. In just one generation, the rabbit population bred at 25¦C had ears longer than those bred at 15¦C. The changes in ear length are regarded as a response to the environment only. Australian Geographic, Jan-Mar 1991

Fact #2

Genetic migration and differential reproduction, influenced by reduced selection pressure, isolation and gene recombination in a population, have been put forward as proof of evolution. These population genetics mechanisms actually violate the Hardy-Weinberg Law which is based on the fact that gene frequencies in sexually breeding populations remain constant from generation to generation.

These mechanisms for evolution are speculative, and lack statistical and factual evidence. G.H. Hardy in M.L.

Gabriel & S. Fogel (eds), "Great Experiments in Biology", Prentice-Hall, 1955

Fact #3

Polyploidy, or the presence of cells with more than the normal number of chromosomes, cannot be advanced as an example of speciation and evolution. The phenomenon is very rare in animals and is artificially induced by the chemical, colchicine, in plants. [based on logic]

Fact #4

Chromosomal aberrations cause difficulties and are mostly harmful, limiting an organisms ability to survive. No new structures are produced by chromosomal aberration, and from the evidence, it also cannot be used as proof for evolution. Scientific American, Reprint #150, 1961

Fact #5

The genetic evidence uncovered by scientists, regarding humans, favours a recent origin for racial groups. Nature, Vol. 293, September 17, 1981 p:190

Fact #6

"The evolution of the genetic machinery is the step for which there are no laboratory models; hence one can speculate endlessly ....." Written by physical chemist Dr Richard E. Dickerson (Professor, Californian Institute of Technology) in his article "Chemical Evolution and the Origin of Life" in Scientific American, Vol. 239, No. 3, 1978 p:77

Fact #7

"Genetics has no proofs for evolution. It has trouble explaining it. The closer one looks at the evidence for evolution the less one finds of substance. In fact the theory keeps on postulating evidence, and failing to find it, moves on to other postulates (fossil missing links, natural selection of improved forms, positive mutations, molecular phylogenetic sequences, etc.). This is not science."

Written by Professor Maciej Giertych, Head of Genetics Department, Polish Academy of Science, Institute of Dendrology, Poland. Quoted in Creation Ex Nihilo, Vol. 13 No. 3, 1991 p:17