Recognize our Emotions

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  Recognize   --   Identify   --   Examine   --   Release   --   Reflect  

Awareness is the first step of change!

There is a lot of debate in psychology about whether emotions start with a feeling that is interpreted, or whether there is a thought that sparks some kind of bodily feeling state that we then call an emotion. Either way, the building blocks of emotions are in the physical sensations we have.

Therefore, the first step is to scan your body and identify the types of sensations you are having.

  • Is your stomach turning? Is your jaw clenched?
  • Is there a lump in your throat?
  • Is your face flush?

One mistake people make is skipping over this step entirely, which leaves us somewhat out of tune with our body. Another is when we deny that the sensations exist, or assume them to be something other than part of an emotional experience, like saying "I'm just tired".

Three things especially stand out:

  • That Jesus perceived life's situations with His Spirit.
  • That Jesus was moved on the basis of those perceptions.
  • That Jesus candidly expressed His emotions to those closest to Him.

1. Perceive life spiritually, righteously, truthfully and with a Kingdom perspective.

2. React in our soul and spirit. Be moved by life. Not aloof and detached or cold and hard.

3. Express those reactions with dignity, power and poise. Be full-hearted emotionally but also be wise in expression.

Watch for physical signs

Listen To Your Thoughts and Daydreams

Identify Your “Little and Unimportant Hurts”

   * Record What Makes You Feel Strongly For Two Months
     Memories That Won’t Go Away: 
   * Keep a Journal of the Emotions in Your Dreams
   * Be Specific About The Emotions You Are Experiencing

Secondary Emotions (Anger,Frustration,Sadness)

When angry you ask, why am I angry? how do I feel?


Don't try to move-on too fast, stay with your emotions, give it time to be expressed and released as we will see in next