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The Father's Emotions

Throughout the whole Bible, we see a God who has and expresses perfect emotions. We cannot cover all of them, but we will expound some of them and, hopefully, in the process see God more clearly in the light of his Word.

God Is Loving

God Is Relational (He Delights in His Son)

God Rejoices in His People

God Takes Pleasure in Himself, His Ways, His Grace, and His People’s Obedience

God Grieves and Experiences Pain and Sorrow

God Experiences Anger, Wrath, and Detestation

God Is Compassionate

God's Emotions

God’s emotivity is His supreme capacity to act responsively and sensationally; to feel pure and principled affections of love and hate, joy and grief, pleasure and anger, and peace; in accord with His supreme, spiritual, and simple Being and impeccable virtue.4

  • Love
  • Hate
  • Joy
  • Grief
  • Pleasure
  • Anger
  • Peace

“God’s emotions are always in line with His holiness and moral character. God’s emotions are always correct, righteous and moral because He is always correct, righteous and moral.”5

God communicates with passion and emotion in His Word, and such communication is designed to make us respond in like manner.

God is seeking a personal Relationship with us

We will never really understand Him or say that we know Him until we accept His invitation to develop a personal relationship as a Father, we must accept to be loved by Him and allow Him to communicate with us.

1) We must confess that we have sinned against Him and disobeyed Him and we can never please Him on our own merits or our own actions

2) Recognize that Salvation from sin and the eternal death can only be achieved through His work on the cross and His resurrection

3) We accept his invitation and ask Him to come into our hearts as Lord and King to rule over us

If you already has done that you are a True Christian, a Child of God ...