Faith and Reason

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Religions are based on Dogma that are often imposed on the followers with little debate, on the contrary to Christian Faith can only be accepted through reason.

Place of Reason

Reason is a tool that God has given us that allow us to understand the Truth.

There are three positions regarding Faith and Reason:

Position 1: Reason Leads to Faith

God tells us to reason (Isaiah 1:18) as the apostle Paul did (Acts 17:17).

Thomas Aquinas said: "I understand in order to believe.", so the question is which one first? [1]

Position 2: Faith Leads to reason

Augustine said, we believe in order to understand, and our faith in turn is fed and strengthened as we gain better understanding. Augustine argued that this is due to the fact that human mind has been corrupted by sin and unbelieving cultures.

Position 3:Rational Belief

The concept of rational belief:

  1. The object of faith generates evidence (e.g., by credible testimony, cause/effect relationships, direct experience, etc.)
  2. The subject needs to examine this evidence which enlightens the intellect.
  3. The subject must makes a volitional commitment to trust (have faith) the object of faith.
Faith is a volitional commitment of an informed intellect. 

Faith that avails.png

Knowledge without commitment is disbelief (John 8:30-46; 12:42,43; James 2:19);
Commitment without knowledge is irrationality. 

Neither is a genuine option for a Christian. Augustine was correct when he stated: For who cannot see that thinking [NOTE: the word translated “thinks,” “thinking,” etc. throughout this paragraph is the Latin term for reason—DS] is prior to believing? For no one believes anything unless he has first thought that it is to be believed. is...necessary that everything which is believed should be believed after thought has preceded; although even belief is nothing else than to think [i.e., reason—DS] with assent.... Everybody who believes, thinks—both thinks in believing, and believes in thinking (Oates, 1980). [2]

Faith Cycle

Theological knowledge is the medium through which the spirit flows into the human heart, yet there must be humble penitence in the heart before truth can produce faith. - A.W. Tozer

  1. Senses: Receive the message
  2. Intellect: Examine the evidence, evaluate the truth
  3. Will: Accept or Reject
  4. Heart: allow this truth to penetrate into the Heart, let it sink in
  5. Character: Be Transformed: Allow the message of Truth change you, impact your life
  6. Grow in Faith, through knowledge Continue back to 1 to learn more knowledge

Does our Faith contradict Reason?

This is the question that we are trying to address here, and we are confident that the answer is NO, our Christian Faith is based on Reason originating from the Truth.

And in order to address this we must examine what is the Truth