Evolution vs Creation

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Defining Science

Defining Evolution

Defining Creation

    • Where is science
    • Science is more aligned to Biblical Creation than evolution

Abiogenesis (Origin of Life)

Evolution as a Religion

Answering Evolution

To believe in naturalistic origins of life and the universe, one must join the White Queen and have faith in impossible things; six impossible things, in fact:

  1. Impossibilities in Philosophy: The Origin of the Universe
  2. Impossibilities in Physics: A Goldilocks Universe
  3. Impossibilities in Astronomy: An Exceptional Earth
  4. Impossibilities in Chemistry: The Origin of Life
  5. Impossibilities in Biochemistry: The Complexity of Life
  6. Impossibilities in Anthropology: The Image of God

Scientific Problems with Evolution

  • Missing Fossils
  • Irreducible complexity
  • DNA and Protein Interdependence
  • Cambrian conundrum

12 Reasons Evolution is Impossible

Devil's Delusion