The Case for God

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Presenting the True God against modern trends of Atheism and claims of Evolution theories.


Arabic Speaking


  • Each episode cover one subject as a stand alone with minimum dependency on other episodes
  • The subject will be divided into several topics
  • Narration style rather than presenter or lecture style
  • Presenter introduce the topic
  • May interview (on the street) several people asking them about their view of the topic
  • Several Guests will cover the topic from different angels and different views (agreeing view)
  • Presenter concludes the topic

Alternate Format

  • Each episode is a complete message
  • Covers all topic in general
  • Details one topic only


Various Guest speakers, will conversed with the subject matter

  • Mainly in Arabic
  • English Speakers with Arabic audio
  • Can be extracted from YouTube (like debates)

Our Position on Creation vs Evolution