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Love Story

The Intent

God Created all things, first He created Nature in a perfect shape and He created Man to be in His Image with:

God gave Man dominion over the Nature

God defines Laws to control His Creation, Good to live or Evil to die.

The Problem

Man chose to sin, therefore, He allowed Satan to control him and control nature. As a result Humanity and the world became corrupt. See how world became corrupt.

Therefore, as a result of sin and Man's actions, Humanity as a whole and all of us as individuals are condemned and must surely die.

The Plan

But God, being loving and Just devised a plan to save humanity.

Option A:

God can simply ignore sins of the Humanity, and if He does then we all going to live eternally with Him. But this contradict with His nature and His laws and His promise (warning), this would make a liar out of God.

Option B:

God will send all those who sin (all humanity) to Hell as He warned, but this will make Satan win.

Option C:

God will set a filtering criteria, for good people to go to Heaven and Bad people go to Hell. This would require God to change His laws, But God does not change. Who is good,and how can a corrupt humanity do any good?

Option D: (The only Valid Option)

God to fulfill his commands but provide a substitute to die for us and take the punishment in our behave. Therefore, the wicked actions will be punished through the substitute and Man will live forever more. But Man must agree to such substitution, God can not force such a plan on Man.

So every Man and Woman will be offered this plan and it is upto them the accept or reject.

Also, the substitute must be equal value to the convicted or more and must be pure himself (innocent), since there is no one is perfect, God Himself must be that substitute.


As a result, God became Man in the person of Jesus and lived among us and died for us to pay the price of our sins, in order for us to become justified.

So all of those who accepted the plan,God will not punish them since He already did in the person of Jesus.

God's plan is complete it includes the entire Human race including people before Christ and After


  • God Revealed His plan from the beginning so Man can have hope and trust
    • In Nature
    • In our DNA
    • Using Prophets
    • Using experiences, God's dealings with Humanity
    • Finally, in His Son

Preparation (Dispensation)

God in His ultimate wisdom, allowed man all options to save himself, before offering His Plan of Salvation

  • Give Man choice (before the fall)
  • Allowed Man's to be controlled by Conscience (Adam to Noah)
  • Allowed Man to have government
  • Give them Law to obey
    • To help understand what is Sin
    • To prove that no one can please God
  • Allow Man to seek alternative options
  • Prepare Humanity culturally and Morally
  • Before the completion of the Plan, a symbol is to be used instead


  • God Himself, will be incarned and take a shape of a Man, yet a perfect Man
  • Must die on our behave
  • God must accept the punishment and certify it

Our Role

  • Accept the offer of substitution

Satan's Role

  • Put doubts in God's Plan
    • Sins are not that bad
    • God is merciful
    • False teachings
  • Seek and Destroy

Question Format

  • Is there life after death
  • ?Faith and Reason
  • Does God exist
  • Why should I believe the Bible
  • Was the Bible Altered
  • Who is Jesus
  • What is Sin
  • Is God merciful
  • Did Jesus die in the Cross, Why
  • Did Jesus Rise from the dead, Why
  • Is Jesus Coming Again
  • Is Jesus the Son of God
  • How can God have a Son
  • If God created the world, why is it messed up
  • Is Man free
  • Is there an absolute truth
  • Are all religions the same
  • Why is there so much pain