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About this Site


This site is currently in Prototype/Proof of Concept Stage, for the purpose of validating requirements and establish feasibility of the solution

Phase I Scope

  • Import the following
    • Bible books summary
    • People summary
    • Difficult verses
    • Import Videos from Across the Bible Al-Hayat TV
    • Prototype a tool to Import an entire book (word format) to MediaWiki

Requirements for a Bible Wiki

Evaluation of other sites

Site Architecture

Separation of Concerns

  • Content (Model) will be separated from presentation (View), this allows various presentation techniques depending on the audience
  • Maximum utilization of existing Open Source Software, in particular, MediaWiki and other related technologies


At the initial stage all contents will be imported from other source utilizing custom tools

Content Classification


  • Each Article must have one Content Type that identifies the type of Content and the source
  • Each Article may have one or more Biblical Index and/or topical index

How it works


  • Import an Article from MS Word
  • Import a book from MS Word
  • Import a Bible or a Module from TheWord.Net