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About Emotional Transformation

  • Emotional Transformation is a program to equip individuals of better understanding of Emotional Intelligence from a Biblical point of view
  • Program corrects many misunderstandings about emotions from a Christian prospective
  • Is Bible based
  • Scientifically sound

"If we see truth clearly, we must feel it. Authentic faith in the supreme, indomitable goodness of God in sending Jesus Christ as our substitute and redeemer necessarily transforms our feelings. The Holy Spirit awakens earnest love for others from a pure heart (I Peter 1:22), joyful acceptance of loss (Heb. 10:34), and cheerful generosity (II Cor. 9:7). "

by Martyn Lloyd-Jones

DNA of Relationships

In a Nuttshell

Our mission as Christians is to transform our Character to be as close to that of Jesus as possible.

Emotions form a very important part of our Character, that needs to be transformed.

  • Firstly, we need to UNDERSTAND EMOTIONS and their impact on our life, and correct many common misconceptions about emotions.
  • Secondly, Since emotions are derived from perceptions and BELIEFES we need to ensure that we develop correct understanding of God, Self and the world we live in.
  • Thirdly, we must address those emotional wounds that we may have experienced in our life through EMOTIONAL HEALING.
    • Healing happens when we recognize our hurt and pain
    • Re-experience and re-interpet those situation with the corrected understanding
  • Fourthly, we must allow ourselves to be TRANSFORMED EMOTIONALLY, be the likeness of Jesus, by cultivating healthy, godly emotions and remove ungodly and unhealthy emotions.

All of this can only be accomplished by allowing the Holy Spirit to work on us, using the Bible as the primary tool.

What is Emotional Transformation?

  • Emotional Transformation is a program to equip individuals of better understanding of Emotional Intelligence correcting very common misunderstandings about emotions from a Christian prospective.
  • Using Bible based and Scientifically sound methods to deal with core reasons of many emotional issues providing healing and recovery.
  • Our focus is to deal with CORE PROBLEMS rather than treat symptoms
  • A simple survey of any group of Christians, we found that majority deny and suppress their emotions resulting in many emotional and psychological issues, without having an understanding of a better way to release those unhealthy emotions.
  • Some of us has been Christians for long time, heard about forgiveness so many times, yet struggle with it and not sure how to proceed.

The term "transformation" of emotional states refers to a thorough and rapid progression through an emotional state that is likely to change that emotion into a healthier, more functional and productive state.

For example, hopelessness often transforms into empowerment, sadness into love, fear into confidence, anger into peace, etc. The strategy involves the person briefly facing the challenging emotion in such a way that it facilitates a reduction of the emotion and then a new emotional state emerges. This type of change is like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly; its essence is the same but it no longer resembles the previous state. The change is often so dramatic that it is difficult to appreciate unless you have experienced it first hand.

Why this site?

To address gaps of information in providing Christian Bible based, answers to very common misunderstandings about emotions in our life.

Emotions play very vital role in our life, emotions impact our decisions, our relationships and how peaceful we can live everyday.

Target audience

  • Individuals of all stages of life who suffer from emotional trauma, abuse or emotional loss
  • Individuals that like to assist those who suffer from emotional trauma
  • Counselors to providing Biblically sound material to their clients
  • Do you suffer from
    • Anger?
    • Anxiety?
    • Failed relations?
    • Depression?

Our objective is not to treat the symptoms but the root causes through Emotional Transformation

Frequently asked Questions

  • Can it help uncontrolled thoughts and behaviors?

Emotional transformation has a powerful effect on changing unwanted negative or obsessive thinking patterns as well as unhealthy behavior. In many cases, it is the emotions behind the thinking that promotes negative attitudes or obsessive thoughts. When the emotional state that is driving these thoughts is transformed, it becomes natural and easier to take control of thought processes. The same is true of unhealthy behaviors. If the emotional states that are causing the behavior are transformed, it becomes much easier to change behavior patterns.

  • What if you are not in touch with your feelings?

There are many people who are emotionally crippled by not being able to feel their emotions. They have learned to detach from unpleasant emotions to such a degree that when it is appropriate to cry, laugh or otherwise express their feelings, they just cannot do it.

What it is not

  • It is not a group therapy or group counseling
  • This is not a course in psychology


Emotional Transformation Gives you freedom from guilt and unhealthy emotions